Je souhaite absolument vous faire part de ma grande satisfaction concernant l’élevage KONINGSLAND, dirigé par Sandra ! Après de longues recherches sur internet à travers des élevages français, belges, suisses et hollandais, mon choix s’est porté sur cet élevage exclusivement de frisons proposant des étalons, hongres et juments.

Ma rencontre avec Sandra fut très intense…J’hésitais énormément sur plusieurs étalons…Sandra a su me dire exactement le caractère de chacun, leurs qualités et leur domaine de prédilection (dressage, attelage en compétition ou non) sans m’influencer dans mon choix ! En me laissant prendre tout le temps nécessaire !!! Sa patience a été immense !

Mon choix s’est porté sur KEREL, qui signifie « mec » en hollandais ! Un étalon de 4 ans d’une beauté digne des magazines !!!KEREL

En quelques mois mon jeune cheval a appris le français ! Son caractère est exceptionnel : doux, gentil, affectueux, intelligent, respectueux, très bon élève…que des qualités !

Je ne fais que continuer le travail que lui a inculqué Sandra. Kerel marche à coté de moi à la voix, reste au box fermé par une longe alors que des juments sont dans le pré à quelques mètres de lui !!!

Je suis totalement ravie que Sandra ait bien voulu me faire confiance également et me confier KEREL, son bébé !

Je recommande vivement de venir découvrir cet élevage KONINGSLAND et remercie de tout cœur Sandra !!!

Mes amitiés les plus sincères !




I would like to express my big satisfaction regarding the breeding of KONINGSLAND, managed by Sandra and Marc. After long research on the internet about French, Belgian, Swiss and Dutch breeders of Friesian Horses only, my choice was made. The meeting with Sandra was very intense….I hesitated enourmesly to make a final choice between several stallions (Luke, Michel and Kerel). Sandra knew exactly how to describe their character, quality and domain of future preferences (training, harness, competition or not) without influencing my choice! I got all the time necessary!! Her patience was immense!

My final choice was Kerel, what means “guy” in Holland! A 4 year old stallion with an appearance that deserves a cover of an magazine!!

In a few months my young stallion learned Frech. His character is exceptional: soft, kind, affectionate, intelligent, respectful and a very good pupil…..only qualities for this Friesian.

I am only continuing the work Sandra already started. Kerel is walking behind me and stays in his box calmly with only a rope to prevent him from getting to the mares in the meadow only a few meters away from him.

I am delighted that Sandra gave her trust to me and send me KEREL, her special boy!

I highly recommend you to come over to STOETERIJ KONINGSLAND to discover their horses.

From my heart I say: Thank you Sandra!! My most sincere friendship.

Best regards



Hi Sandra,

First, I can't thank thank Sandra enough for bringing Gorgeous Gabe into our lives!Sandra was honest, sincere, knowledgeable and so comfortable to work with from the first email I sent regarding our Gorgeous Gabe. After many more emails & questions about Gabe and our background with friesians, home life etc. and what we wanted, we decided Gabe was the one for us.

We requested to have him trained to drive before coming home to us. Sandra was always in touch with us & automatically sent videos through his training process.Gabe

David & I can't thank both Sandra and Marc for providing us with the best friesian experience we could ever ask for during our visit at Koningsland. Who would have dreamed we would be driving our friesian on the beautiful roads of Elst in the Netherlands with forever friends.

The import process was effortless and seamless! We will always recommend Koningsland!

David & Karyn Baer


Hi Sandra

I would like to firstly say thank you for my beautiful Friesian Lucas that I bought from Koningsland, he is everything I have ever wanted in a horse and more! I cannot wait for gLucasood times to come!

The whole experience with sandra has been an excellent one, after looking at every Friesian breeder and seller in the U.K. and Holland that I could find online I chose to buy from Sandra. She is honest, caring and takes her time to match the rider to the horse, I felt relaxed and at ease thtoughout the whole process.

After many long emails, videos and conversations about her horses, my background and suitability with Lucas I made the decision to visit Sandra at Koningsland. It was one of the best experiences to be able to visit her place and go to get to know Lucas with the help of Sandra as this was going to be my first Friesian.

Sandra takes the time to answer any questions, the process from start to finish has been excellent! The after sales treatment is the best I have seen and we are still in contact! All her horses are produced so beautifully and treated so well I will recommend her to anyone that wants a stuuning Royal dutch Friesian with the best start in Life!

Kind regards

Irum Walker (2015)

Hi Sandra

I just wanted to write and tell you how fabulous the whole experience of buying my gorgeous Jan Hendrik was. 
You made everything simple for me as I couldn't come and visit you or him . You  put my mind at rest and the mountains of videos and pictures you sent me made   me feel so at ease about the fact I couldn't come and meet you He is exactly how you said he would be.

He is a very brave and loving 3 year old . Everybody who sees him loves him .

You made me feel really comfortable because you wanted to know what I was like and what his new home would be like. Very important in my books :-)
I can't thank you enough . I recommend you all the time when they ask where he is from !

All the best


owner of a black unicorn named Hendrik xx

Dear Sandra,

I would like to thank you very much for supplying me with the fabulous Hidde. He is a truly gorgeous horse and has exceeded my expectations.
He has been so beautifully started - no hang ups or problems - just a lovely big teddy bear that wants to please people - he is a credit to your horsemanship skills.

I'm looking forward to many happy years ahead training and riding him.

Thanks again Sandra, just keep producing these gorgeous horses!

Best wishes,

Julia Davie (and Hidde) UK.(2013)

Dear Sandra,

Thank you very much for all of your help as I worked with you about one of your horses for sale.  Your replies to my many questions were always friendly, helpful and complete and you have excellent English skills. I had a friend come there to ride a prospect horse for me and she liked your stable very much.  While the sale did not occur for reasons beyond our control, it was a great experience overall to work with you and I feel you and your stable are an honest and trustworthy source to work with. 

I wish you much success and luck in the future with your beautiful horses.


Kathy Curtis (2013)

Nienke Dymphie

Na mijn vorige paard (die was gek in het hoofd), was ik angstig geworden en dacht nooit meer op een paard te rijden, laat staan er een te kopen. 

Toen kwam Nienke op mijn weg. Deze Friese merrie paste qua karakter en temperament erg goed bij mij. Ik had haar twee keer gezien, een keer los en een keer proefrijden, en was meteen verkocht!

Dankzij de goede begeleiding van stal Koningsland en de fijne lessen van Sandra ben ik nu alweer een paar jaar de gelukkige eigenaar van 

“ het beste paard”

van stal.
Dank Mark en Sandra! 

Gr. Joke Veldman

Douwe J

I got an e-mail from Douwe’s new family.

They are sooooo happy with him! Apparently he is doing very well and they ride him all over and they say he is fine with traffic and al kinds of new thing that they encountered along the way now. He just stops and give him time and re-assure him it is o.k. and he trusts and keeps going...

They said they even met a bear on one of their rides and Douwe remained calm. That is pretty amazing! Even most older horses will simple run - no matter what -  when a bear shows up. Apparently the bear was surprised too and decided to go away quickly and Douwe was just as surprised but only calmly whatched him without and big reaction! And they say they have ‘a crazy mare’ at home and since Douwe is there she has become a lot more calm and friendly. He is a good influence and everybody in the family loves him!

So that is good news!


Frieske van koningsland


Na procura , por realizar meu sonho de infancia,  conheci  Koningsland e Sandra, no início de 2012. Desde então Sandra e eu nos tornamos amigas. Foi  aí que ela me ajudou a encontrar Frieske, o Friesian dos meus sonhos,  um jovem garanhão, lindo, que tem olhar doce e atitude de campeão.

Esperamos que Frieske seja apenas o início de nossa criação de friesians no Brasil.  Eu espero sempre contar com o profissionalismo, seriedade e honestidade de Sandra e Koningsland, na compra de todos os nossos futuros friesians.

Obrigada Sandra, por tudo! 


Early 2012 I wanted to fulfill my childhood dream, owning a purebred Friesian. While searching for a horse, I met Koningsland and Sandra. Since then Sandra and I became friends.

It was there that she helped me finding Frieske van koningsland, the Friesian of my dreams, a beautiful young stallion, that has the sweetest look and the attitude of a real champion. Hopefully Frieske is just the beginning of our creation friesians in Brazil.

I hope always to be able to count on the professionalism, seriousness and honesty of Sandra and Koningsland in buying all our future friesians.                    

Thank you Sandra, for everything!

Flavia Costa (2012)

Dear Sandra

Thank you so much for all of your help! Doutsen Finally came home after a long journey and get along great with the other horses. She doing very well and baby is talking to me every time I touched her tummy! You have been wonderful, helped me with everything I needed to know from beginning and still.

You can really match the horse and the rider that’s for sure. I am really looking forward to the good time Vickey

yet to come with her.

I can’t Thank you enough Sandra!

Best wishes,

Vicky Vetro, NC USA


Dear Frisian Horse Fans,

I have a nice story for you with my experience and koningsland.

I am a Frisian horse fan since i saw the first frisian horse in my life. Since 2005 i have my own frisians. For months ago i looked for a good frisian mare with excellent movements for sports and show. I surfed in the internet and found the hompage of koningsland. I wrote a text to them what i am looking for. And became a quickly answer from Sandra. Two weeks later i visited her in the netherlands at Stoeterij Koningsland. It was a very nice day with her and her horses but there was no horse for me because i am a little person and need a little frisian mare. So Sandra began with her challenAmarensge to find a little ster mare for me :-) Also two weeks later (after my visit to her) she sent me pictures  of a little dream 1. Premie ster mare in foal of the stallion Maurits 437. I said only "Wow wunderful horse". After reconsider the situation i said yes to this 1. Premie Ster mare. Sandra also helped me with all arrangement of buying a frisian horse in the netherlands and transport it to south germany. And now Amarens B. my beautiful little ster mare is at our home. 

It was my best internet buying :-) and i would do it again!  

Thank you Sandra for this wonderful frisian horse!
Thank you Koningsland for your help to find my dream horse!

best regards from South Germany

Jeanette Rutsch and Amarens B. (2012)


Hallo Liebe Sandra,Cadans

Catan so Pony heiβt jetzt ist jetzt 10 wochen bei mir und entwickelt sich super Er ist toll Erzogen nochmal ein dickes Lob an Euch, und wird woll Hengst bleiben können da er sich mehr als Vorbildlich benimmt, trotz 20 Zickiger Stuten im Stall.

Er macht groβe Vorschritten im Reiten, Fahren und longieren und Zirkusnummern
und ist sehr neugierig zu allem neuen. Ich denke das wir ihn bis weinachten auch
eingefahren haben.

Nach mal Danke fϋr Eure tolle Arbeit.


Nicole (2012) 


10 jaar geleden heeft Marc Auckje voor mij "gevonden"; wat een goede match!

Inmiddels is mevrouw 20 en geniet van haar pre-pensioen (gewoon lekker in het bos rondhobbelen).

Al 10 jaar heel veel plezier van elkaar, thx Koningsland! :-)

Angela Wagener-Arens